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Some answers to questions we get asked...

Tickets and booking

What is the tour group size on a wine and food experience?

The experiences are generally private group tours, so you can set the size, but we suggest between 2 and 6 guests to keep the experience intimate. For larger groups, contact us well in advance and we will see what we can do!

Do I have to purchase tickets in advance? Can I pay cash?

Tickets for all tours must be purchased in advance. Space is highly limited due to the size of the establishments we will be visiting. To purchase tickets, please go to our bookings page and choose a date that works for you.

Cash is not accepted.

If I am bringing an infant / young child, do I need to purchase a ticket for them?

Parents with infants and toddlers up to the age of 3 need not purchase a ticket for them.

However, you will need to inform us if you will have an infant/small child with you so that space can be made accordingly. This is especially important for the wine excursion so that the correct vehicle can be arranged.

In general, if you are bringing small children with, please let us know well in advance so that we can work with you to make it as comfortable and easy for you and your little ones.

What is your cancellation policy for wine and food experiences?

Our wine and food experiences (such as the Chef's Kitchen experience) are private events and non-refundable once confirmed as we commit expenditure immediately once a booking is made and close the experience to other customers.

Can I book a private wine excursion?

Yes! By default our wine and food excursions are tours for private groups.

Food and drink

What types of food are served?

Delicious foods!

On the wine excursion a homemade traditional Catalan lunch will be provided during a visit to our fabulous rural vineyard. The establishments we visit make fresh and different dishes daily, so it is hard to provide an exact list.
For the chef's kitchen experience, it is tapas galore! There is a range of classic tapas as well as one or two more modern or diverse dishes.

Are there vegetarian options during the experience?

We do our best to accommodate all food preferences and diets. Spain is increasingly excellent at providing good vegetarian food, so the options are getting better and better.

Mmm… In fact, if you join a tour, we’d be happy to provide you with a few of our favorite vegetarian restaurants around Barcelona!

What if I have food allergies / dietary restrictions?

As the establishments we are visiting are extremely small, we are not able to completely guarantee accommodation for all food allergies.

However, please let us know what your restrictions are as we will do our utmost to provide alternatives where available.

If you are curious about gluten-free dining with us please take a look here.

Are there gluten-free options available?

We've had many gluten intolerant/celiac guests in the past who have enjoyed our tours very much. It's true that there are fewer options to eat (bread and breaded meat and fish are very present in Spanish cuisine) but the guide always makes sure everyone has enough dishes to taste. However, and this is really important, even though we communicate all allergies and intolerances to our restaurant partners we cannot guarantee there won't be any cross contamination in the kitchens of the restaurants you'll visit on the tour. Therefore, it really depends on how serious your intolerance is. Most of our guests have felt safe by just taking a pill, whilst for others they may not prefer to take any risk - this is something that only you can assess.

On the tour

Will bathrooms be available?

Most of the establishments dispose of a restroom.

What happens if it rains?

Tours will occur in rain or shine. Please check the weather conditions the day of your tour and dress appropriately. Luckily, it doesn’t rain very often here.

Are cameras allowed on excursions?

Of course! We highly recommend bringing a camera and taking photos throughout the tour. During the excursion you will enjoy gorgeous views of the vineyards and the Mediterranean Sea, so take pics!

However, please remember we will be visiting small local restaurants, so please respect the owners and other tables when taking your pictures.

What happens if we are late for our experience?

Please don’t be late! We do not answer our phones while we are running tours, as our full attention is on our guests.

For the wine excursion, even though a private driver will pick you up at your hotel, we still need you to be on time since the schedule is carefully planned with the winery/ies and restaurant.

For the chef's table experience, if the chef has to wait for you or a member of your party it takes him away from talking about and making the delicious food, therefore the number of dishes served may be reduced.

If you are more than 30 minutes late we will assume you are not coming - that would be a shame!

Are tours offered only in English?

All tours are available in English or Spanish.

What COVID-19 safety measures will be in place?

The safety of our guests, guides and venue partners is our top concern. Because of this, we’ve developed new health and safety guidelines in accordance with WTO and World Travel and Tourism Council guidelines, and in line with Spanish and Catalan government requirements.

Is there walking in the wine and food excursions?

In the wine excursion to Alella there is a little bit of walking in our visit of the vineyards. All the rest is done in a car.

Does the guide accept gratuities/tips?

We are incredibly careful to choose only the best guides in the city to join The Barcelona Tase, and they work extremely hard. Tips/gratuities are certainly welcome and greatly appreciated!

Where do we meet for the tour?

For the wine excursion to Alella the driver and the guide will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel or residence.

For the chef's kitchen experience, you make your way directly to his restaurant/shop as the experience takes place there in the working kitchen.

Is there a dress code?

Casual, casual, casual. ¡Olé!

Are the experiences suitable for children?

The wine excursion to Alella is 4 or 7 hours long and there is a lot of wine and information regarding wine involved. Children are certainly welcome, but we suggest bringing along something to keep them entertained.

The chef's kitchen experience is around 3 hours and generally fine for children to attend, depending on the age of the child. Please note, however, that this is a working kitchen with equipment that can be dangerous so children must be supervised by the accompanying adult(s) at all time.

Can I shop during the excursion?

During the wine excursion to Alella you can buy a lot of good wine and wine accessories.

How much walking is involved?

In the wine excursion to Alella there is a little bit of walking in our visit of the vineyards. All the rest is done in a car.

In the chef's kitchen, you can sit the entire time or chose to walk around the kitchen while the food is being made to see and participate as much as you may want.

What happens if someone shows up intoxicated?

For the safety, security and enjoyment of our guests, and to protect and respect our guides and restaurant partners, anyone that arrives for a tour obviously intoxicated will be asked to leave and not issued with a refund. We have a duty of care to our colleagues and guests, but additionally we cannot tour with excessively intoxicated individuals as this breaches both our code of conduct and insurance policy. Do not attend our tour if you are intoxicated.


Where can I find advice about travel insurance?

The ConsumersAdvocate team does rigorous research and testing order to provide helpful, honest, and accurate information. This page is a good place to start:

Where can I find advice about avoiding tourist scams? is a community project founded in 2014 that seeks to expose tourist scams globally – we recommend starting there.

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