About The Barcelona Taste

Eating our way around Barcelona since 2009

The Barcelona Taste was founded in December 2009 to introduce curious locals and adventurous tourists alike to the culinary treats nestled within the labyrinth that is Barcelona. After years of exploring, sampling, and delighting in the local secrets, we decided we were ready to share our discoveries with other discerning palates wanting to experience a more authentic Barcelona.

Barcelona is, obviously, a major tourist destination and the number of tours, guidebooks, and websites devoted to the city’s visitors can be overwhelming. This is another reason we decided to start The Barcelona Taste: a small, local culinary tour that lets you experience all the great food while side-stepping the crowds.

We are Barcelona’s first complete gastronomical tour built around the idea that there is no reason to just walk and talk about food when it’s possible to walk, talk, and eat it!

So, welcome! We look forward to tapas tasting our way around Barcelona with you.

Bon Profit!

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The BT was founded by Jo Marvel and Joe Littenberg in December 2009, back when there were no other purely food tours in the city. In 2019 they handed the company over to their friends, Lorea Uresberueta and Michael Scott-Kline.

As Creative Director, Lorea eats her way through the city, finding only the very best places to wine and dine, away from the crowds. She also leads at least a few tours each month.

Managing the finance and strategy, Michael mainly crunches numbers and drools over photos of amazing food he wishes he was instead eating right now.

We’re a team that live in, and love, Barcelona. Polyglots and foodies that are always up for a good chat.

The Barcelona Taste wouldn’t exist without its wondrous guides: Anna, Tito, Miguel, Bea, Gracia and Ramiro. We are a small, close-knit team, and we love Barcelona and its amazing culinary offering. We can’t wait to meet you!

The Barcelona Taste Food Tours logo
Pulpo y calamar frito, a dish served on food tour run by The Barcelona Taste
Fresh carrots from Catalonia, part of the produce served by The Barcelona Taste food tours
A Barcelona food establishment like those you would find on a food tour with The Barcelona Taste