Taste this tour!

The Barcelona Taste is this city’s first tapas tour dedicated completely to Barcelona’s food and drink. Yes, we’ve gained weight since we started. What of it? We love cuisine. We love Barcelona. We love tours. Nay, we love food tours….

Our Tapas Tours

The Barcelona Taste is the city’s first gastronomical tapas tour. The BT is not a historical walking tour with a snack at the end. Nor does it exist to dump you in the Boqueria. The Barcelona Taste is about food….


Our Barcelona food tours have been covered in several magazines and travel journals. Huzzah! Please peruse these lovely press pages that have featured our tapas tours.   Named in TimeOut’s guide to out-of-the-ordinary Barcelona tours   Top 10 After-dark activities…


If there’s one thing we think about it’s food. And if there’s a second thing, it’s how to share it with you. This is why we are oh-so-excited to write you the following: We’ve expanded (our waistlines!) Okay, okay, we’ll…

Ever-expanding waistlines and how to win a free food tour!

2015! We can’t believe it. That means we’ve been doing Barcelona food tours for 5 years. 5 years! This explains why we’re only wearing pants with elastic waistbands now…! But, happily, elastic waistbands never go out of style. Or at…