COVID-19: Special Announcement from The Barcelona Taste

Our thoughts are with all of you as the world works together to slow the progress of the COVID-19 coronavirus. It’s a scary time, and we know that in addition to the medical concern itself, the indirect effects of the pandemic include considerable disruption to what otherwise would be joyous times – family vacations, engagements, honeymoons, retirement celebrations, and countless other memories in the making that have been suddenly derailed. 

For our part, we closed all tours through to 15 June 2020, and continue to review the situation in order to determine how best to proceed in subsequent periods. Now, we are delighted to be running tours again, which have been carefully adapted to ensure the safety of our guests, partner restaurants, and wider community. Free face masks will be provided to guests, and guides will carry hand sanitiser. We don't share food from the same plate. We will comply with all regulations regarding social distancing, and work with our excellent restaurants to ensure ordering, eating, and interacting can continue to be safe, enjoyable and memorable.

If you're not quite ready to book a tour just yet, you can instead support our company and the network with which we work by buying some of our gift cards, consider booking a tour in 2021 (which we’ve now made available online), or if you have been on a tour with us in the past we would love to hear from you, directly or via a review.

Thank you for your continuing support...

Wishing everyone good health, happy minds, resilient spirits and of course delicious food, always.

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