Premium day tours with the best food and drink

Join The Barcelona Taste for a premium day excursion into the heart of Catalonia, eating the best food and tasting a variety of the best wines the region has to offer.

Our mission is to make you fall in love with our local wine varieties. Over the course of the tour you’ll try excellent white wines, red wines, sparking wines – including Cava of course – and aperitifs.

It isn't only the wine we want to show off, the food is incredible too... As always with The Barcelona Taste, we've searched high and low for the highest quality food to share with you. So you can look forward to a wonderful home-style Catalan lunch eaten in beautiful surroundings.

You will be accompanied by a friendly, knowledgeable guide at all times, who will tell you stories about Catalan/Spanish history and gastronomy and will make sure this is one of the highlights of your vacation in Barcelona. A driver will also be at our disposal all day long, in a private, comfortable and clean vehicle.

Book a unique private wine and food excursion today.

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The Barcelona Taste: because it's delicious

Barcelona is a major tourist destination – the number of guidebooks and websites devoted to the city is overwhelming! Which is why we started The Barcelona Taste ... to let you experience all the great food Barcelona has to offer while side-stepping the crowds. 

We take you to restaurants and shops on our scrumptious tours because they’re great. We visit, we taste and then we visit again and taste again. Ad infinitum! That’s our research.

We strike no deals and ask for no discounts or commissions. This is how it must be done, with 100% respect for small, local business and delicious, quality food.

Want to know more? Find out about The Barcelona Taste.

Lorea, the co-owner of The Barcelona Taste, presents some dishes a Barcelona food tour
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