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We also offer private tours on most dates… find out more on our private tours page. And we open single-ticket bookings once we have booked at least two guests… check our which tours are currently open to Lone Travellers.

Finally, if you’ve toured with us before, please get in touch before booking so we assure you get something different and special for your second (or third) time around.

The Barcelona Taste Tours Calendar

Feb 2021
1 February 20211Monday 2 February 20212Tuesday 3 February 20213Wednesday 4 February 20214Thursday 5 February 20215Friday 6 February 20216Saturday 7
8 February 20218Monday 9 February 20219Tuesday 10 February 202110Wednesday 11 February 202111Thursday 12 February 202112Friday 13 February 202113Saturday 14
15 February 202115Monday 16 February 202116Tuesday 17 February 202117Wednesday 18 February 202118Thursday 19 February 202119Friday 20 February 202120Saturday 21
22 February 202122Monday 23 February 202123Tuesday 24 February 202124Wednesday 25 February 202125Thursday 26 February 202126Friday 27 February 202127Saturday 28
1 March 20211Monday 2 March 20212Tuesday 3 March 20213Wednesday 4 March 20214Thursday 5 March 20215Friday 6 March 20216Saturday 7
Feb 2021
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