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The Barcelona Taste welcomes travellers wanting to buy a single ticket for our tapas tours of Barcelona. Just because you travel solo doesn’t mean you need to eat solo! 

What could you be eating on your Barcelona tapas tour?

The great thing about tapas is that there's always something for everyone. Whether you love meat, fish, vegetables – or all of the above – there's sure to be a delicious dish to devour. Here's some samples to whet your appetite...

Find a delicious tapas tour of Barcelona

To book a tour as a lone traveller just choose from one of the currently available Barcelona tapas tours using the calendar below.

Tours available for single travellers have already had some bookings, ensuring you get to meet new people and have the quality of experience we love to offer – small, intimate, interesting groups ready to chat and taste some truly fine food.

If a tour is still awaiting bookings then you can ask us to notify you once a booking has been made, so that you don't miss out on your date.

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Many beautiful people have joined us on our food tours – and here are some of the lovely things they've said about the time they spent with us... 

Thanks to their reviews we've been given a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence!

The Barcelona Taste has received a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for its food tours
September 30, 2023
A wonderful introduction to tapas and the Gothic quarter Three tapas restaurants where the food was exceptional. The stops were organized along dinner courses: hors d'oeuvre type tapas, main course type tapas, and dessert. As we progressed from restaurant to restaurant, we were given a tour of the many sites of the Gothic Quarter. There was a lot of food, but the touring between stops really helped with the digestion (as well as being informative). There were just four people on the tour plus our guide, so we fit in very nicely with the restaurant crowd and didn't come across as a "tour group". Loved it.
September 30, 2023
Fantastic Barcelona Tapas Tour! Absolutely fantastic tapas and Barcelona tour. Worth every penny and the best tour we took on our 3 week trip. Experience Old Barcelona in the best way, walking the quaint streets and sampling the best food and wine. It’s not sampling, it’s plenty to eat and delicious. Also learned how and what to order in Barcelona so do the experience early in your visit to Barcelona. A must!
Olivia Beardsley
September 30, 2023
We loved our tour Tito was very knowledgable, friendly and took us to fantastic restaurants that we would have never come across. All the food (and drink) was incredible, so much so we returned to one restaurant the following evening. We did not expect to get the amount of food we did combined with the quality so we found it good value and would 100% recommend.
Katharine Wood
September 28, 2023
A deep appreciation for the Barcelona food scene Our Barcelona Taste food tour guide was excellent! A well traveled Spanish native, she loves to cook herself, giving her the background and experience to truly appreciate great food. Her knowledge of Catalan cuisine gave us a deep appreciation for the Barcelona food scene.
Celeste P
September 27, 2023
Best combo of a meal & tour You won’t regret this tour!! Not only do you visit very different restaurants - but you learn at the same time. The food was delicious and our tour guide made sure to ask our opinions before she ordered. We let her have full control and she did a great job! She loves the city and was extremely knowledgeable - I would do this tour at the beginning of your trip as there are places she told us about-but didn’t have time to see.
September 24, 2023
So happy to write a review about my experience The entire tour, from beginning to end, was delicious and enjoyable. I also have a severe nut allergy, and always felt safe during the tasting. The foods we had, I never would've tried on my own. In essence, The Barcelona Taste serves-up a high quality product. I highly recommend.
Carol G
September 21, 2023
Great Tour We toured the Gothic Quarter and ate delicious tapas and sipped amazing wine. We were able to ask a lot of questions about the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, and Spain. Having lived for a period of years in the United States our guide had an understanding of our lives and we had many laughs together - we left feeling like we were old friends.
Karin H.
September 15, 2023
I see why so highly rated! I see why the prior ratings were so high! Excellent experience and food exposure. The tours are small groups so very personal. I have been to Barca a few time previously but this definitely added to my local food exposure. Our guide was great and even gave us tips for other eating places to explore on our visit. Definite 2 thumbs up experience.
Vince Perna
September 15, 2023
Exceeded my expectations & was the highlight of our dining experience We booked it the first day we arrived so we could learn the customs and etiquette and if course sample a wide variety of food options. Tito was so friendly and helpful and everything was taken care of for you. We are so much food we were stuffed. And the best selections from each place. Highly recommended.
Diana Stuart
September 13, 2023
Just outstanding! We loved our tapas tour through the Gothic District with Maria. She was very attentive in advance to any dietary restrictions we might have, and everything she selected for us to try was just outstanding. A wonderful variety of flavors, followed by a stop for dessert tapas as well. It will remain a favorite memory of our visit to Barcelona - highly recommend!
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