Our Tapas Tours

The Barcelona Taste is the city’s first gastronomical tapas tour. The BT is not a historical walking tour with a snack at the end. Nor does it exist to dump you in the Boqueria. The Barcelona Taste is about food.

Our 2-3 hour tours stop in 3-4 small food establishments, ranging from high-quality specialty shops to home-style tapas restaurants, each one with its own scrumptious specialties for you to taste. Your knowledgeable guide will safely lead you through the labyrinth that is Barcelona, all the while sharing stories about Barcelona life, food, and history. You will enjoy all the cuisine, and, due to the small size of the group, you will also enjoy a more personal, relaxed experience.

The Gótico Tour takes you through Barcelona’s famous Ciutat Vella (old city): past roman walls, alongside cathedrals, through precious plazas and, most importantly, in-and-out of small local shops and restaurants that will leave you sated, jolly, and with a better understanding of local Catalan and national Spanish cuisine. This was our first tour, is our first love, and remains a great traditional option in Barcelona’s most historic setting. First time in Barcelona? Do this one!

Our Gràcia Tour takes you up the hill to one of Barcelona’s most important neighborhoods. Gràcia is like a small town within this Catalan capital and has made a name for itself thanks to its plethora of small plazas, its boutique shops and, of course, its excellent bars and restaurants. We’ll guide you through some of the best this unique barri has to offer, from classic Spanish to contemporary Catalan and onward into international cuisine. Step out of the center, off the beaten path and onto a tour designed for a slightly more adventurous palate.

Our Poble Sec Tour is our newest tour. This neighborhood is currently a hotbed of young chefs running some of the most exciting restaurants in the city. Located at the foot of Montjuic, Poble Sec is a central “barrio” with easy access to some great views over the city. Food-wise, this tour is more similar to our Gràcia Tour than our Gótico one in that it includes traditional dishes, often with a contemporary twist. Normally we reserve the route for our private tour groups, so we’re excited to open it up a little bit! Let’s do it!

Feel free to join us for all three tours during your visit. The tours are available at 19:00, Tuesday-Saturday. Click here to reserve your Barcelona food tour. Still have questions? Click here.

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